NSR-Stage 1

NSR-Stage 1

NSR stage 1 - free to play demo of Nitro Stunt Racing
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NSR stage 1 - free to play demo of Nitro Stunt Racing.
Nitro Stunt Racing is a PC racing game developed by the independent studio Game Seed.

Following the standard motor racing rules, this game is a spicy mix of attractive elements such as pipes, loops and huge jumps on various surfaces.

The focus is to propose unprecedented driving and flying sensations to racing game amateurs.

Gameplay features are:

- 16 car races with engaging opponents
- Realistic handling (Force feedback steering wheel recommended)
- Aerial handling
- Integrated Online Ranking system for more competition
- Optional piloting assistances
- Vehicles can be damaged and destroyed
- Multiple surfaces types (asphalt, mud, sand, grass, metal...)
- Perilous areas such as very high speedway, enormous jumps, huge loops, ramps, pipes, bumps...

Mininum configuration:

- Processor : 2,4 GHz - 512 MB RAM
- Video card 128 MB - Direct X 8 - Disk space : 1 GB

NSR stage 1 - the free to play demo of the really entertaining and fun Nitro Stunt Racing game.

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